Frequently Asked Questions

Can you soundproof a room at my home, or help with other domestic noise control problems?

No. At AcousTech we specialise solely in industrial & commercial noise control. Our soundproofing solutions are ideal for large-scale projects, such as manufacturing, mining, construction and other heavy industries.

Can AcousTech provide off-the-shelf industrial noise control?

No, this is not how we work at AcousTech. We firmly believe that every noise control problem is unique, and therefore requires a unique solution. Instead of taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we begin by carrying out a comprehensive Noise Survey on-site at your business, to ensure we completely understand your situation. Only then do we proceed with a tailor-made sound control solution to produce the very best results.

If we know which machine is causing a noise problem, do we still need an on-site Noise Survey?

If you or the manufacturer can provide specific noise data (including frequency context) for that machine, then it isn’t needed. Alternatively, with on-site consultation AcousTech can record detailed noise readings, and take note of space and work flows for your specific business. With this comprehensive information, we can then tailor-make a noise control solution that best matches our products to the application at hand. Click here for more information on our on-site Noise Surveys.

Can we hire noise reduction equipment such as noise barriers from AcousTech?

Yes, at AcousTech we do rent out noise barriers (or sonic curtains), which are ideal for placing around construction machinery (such as compressors, generators, saws, or drills), or at powered amplified sound events (such as concerts, speeches, etc.). Construction sites and road works in particular can benefit from our noise barrier hire service.

Do you supply soundproofing products in kit form? How difficult are they to install?

Yes, most of our soundproofing products, such as flexible noise barriers and acoustic curtains, can be supplied in kit form along with easy installation instructions. Alternatively, AcousTech’s expert installers can professionally install them on-site a your business.

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