AcousTech Noise Control Products

AcousTech was created with one purpose: a single-minded focus on industrial noise control.

Why this focus? Consider this: workplace noise is a major cause of hearing loss in Australia. It contributes to workplace injuries and accidents; social isolation; reduced quality of life; increased absenteeism, decreased production output and a lowered work performance.

It’s no wonder that AcousTech is committed to doing something about it.

We are Australia’s leading manufacturer, supplier, and installer of industrial noise control products. Our noise control engineering expertise has led to the development of many innovative soundproofing products.

Superior noise safety products for your business

AcousTech’s state-of-the-art noise control products have been carefully designed to reduce or completely subdue problem noise, and comply with all Government bodies and Workplace Safety laws.

Our range of custom-built noise safety products includes acoustic enclosures, acoustic barriers, acoustic curtains, sonic curtains, acoustic doors, sonic attenuators, sonic louvres, Duraflex PVC and more.

Acoustic doors

Acoustic enclosures

Acoustic foams

Acoustic louvres


Flexible noise barriers

Industrial noise walls

Mobile soundproof panels

Modular soundproofing panels

Soundproof baffles