Flexible Noise Barriers

Effective noise control in practically any environment.

AcousTech PVC sound barriers control noise by stopping the transmission (attenuating) and also absorbing some of the vibration energy.

AcousTech noise barriers are used to:

  • Separate noisy operations or areas.
  • Divide noisy factories to provide safe areas.
  • Enclose or isolate noisy machines, equipment or processes.
  • Enclose or isolate operators and staff.
  • A wide range of noise barrier applications, including.
  • Mining, oil and gas.
  • Industry.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Civil.
  • Stamping press enclosures.
  • Soundproof partitions.
  • Curtain dividers.
  • Flexible doorways.
  • Strip curtains.
  • Fan enclosures.
  • Compressor enclosures.
  • Grinder / compactor noise control.
  • Room dividers.
  • Construction site generators.
  • Movable barriers.
  • Plenum barriers.

PVC Sound Barrier Features

PVC noise barriers from AcousTech will control not only noise, but multiple other problems as well. They are a very effective solution for:

  • Bird and pest control.
  • Weather protection..
  • Dust control
  • And more.

PVC noise barriers work surprisingly well – and what’s more they’re quick and simple to install, and cost-effective.

Order Your Flexible Noise Barriers Today

Flexible sound barriers are available in strips, sheets, rolls, or custom made to suit your exact size and environment requirements. Once you’ve chosen a solution, AcousTech will quickly manufacture and supply the curtains. Flexible noise barriers are available either as a kit with easy installation instructions, or alternatively AcousTech will arrange installation at your location.

Sonic System Acoustic Panel Specifications

  • Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and other variants
  • Material: Clear PVC – PVC strips
  • Accessories: Mounting and fixing systems

How To Specify

Where allocated supply AcousTech Flexible Noise Barrier type: ________ The flexible noise barrier to have an acoustic rating of Rw_______ and Sound Transmission Loss per frequency band as per below

Sound Transmission Loss (TL) (dB) 125, 250, 500, 1K, 2K, 4K

(website: www.acoustech.com.au phone: 1300 508 232 email: projects@acoustech.com.au ) Fabricated and installed to manufactures specifications. Qty and sizes found on drawing numbers: _________

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