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Welcome to AcousTech, your leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of industrial noise control and reduction solutions.

Using comprehensive analysis, cutting-edge technology, and our years of experience, we create innovative solutions to even the most challenging commercial soundproofing problems.

AcousTech designs, manufactures, and installs world-class noise control products for businesses across practically every industry throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our dedicated team have the expert knowledge to deliver acoustic noise control that is installed as designed, works as intended, and meets your budget as planned.

Quality industrial soundproofing for Brisbane Businesses

AcousTech provides advanced noise control products to a wide range of industries including food and beverage; manufacturing; construction; mining, oil & gas; the water industry; power generation; building and commercial; education and trade training centres; and many more.

The AcousTech team are highly experienced in providing soundproofing solutions and advice to a wide range of clients. We work with acoustic consultants, developers, architects, consultants and engineers to design and build customised noise reduction solutions.

How can we help your business with noise control?

We have assembled a team of highly qualified noise reduction experts who are passionate about industrial noise control. With real-world experience and understanding, they live and breathe acoustics.

They are committed to making a real difference to Australian industry by reducing the incidence of Occupational Noise Induced Hearing Loss (ONIHL).

Our Acoustic Consultancy Services

1. Noise Surveys, Acoustic Consulting and Testing

  • Acoustic measurement of equivalent continuous sound level and daily exposure levels
  • Acoustic modelling of your building and processes using Raynoise state of the art acoustic predictor software
  • Measurements of sound reverberation time inside buildings
  • Sound measurements
  • Noise surveys: different acoustic descriptors will be used (LAEq, LA90, daily exposure, frequency spectrum, airborne or impact noise testing, reverberation time calculation, etc.)
  • Modelling: spreadsheet or 3D computer based
  • Assessment: Industrial impact noise, noise reduction
  • Reporting including noise mappings and management plans
  • Acoustic commissioning, testing and certification

2. Design & Engineering

AcousTech’s expert team are skilled at providing turnkey, customised noise attenuation solutions, without compromising on worker efficiency and productivity.

3. Manufacture

All AcousTech’s industrial noise attenuation products are manufactured to strict Local (AS/NZS) and International (ISO) Standards. Our experienced team of fully qualified operators bring care, attention, and an eye for detail to every noise control product we manufacture.

4. Installation

Your noise control installation options are:

  • Delivery of noise control equipment in kit form – complete with all necessary fixings and instructions, along with sales and phone support.
  • Using a third party installer of your own choice, or
  • Professional installation by AcousTech.

Our Noise Control Products

Whatever your industrial soundproofing needs, AcousTech have the qualified and experienced team that can help. For advice and assistance with noise control solutions tailored for your business, or to organise an on-site consultation, call AcousTech today on 1300 508 232.


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