Industrial Noise Walls

Industrial noise walls or acoustic walls are an effective method for dividing up factories and workplaces to create ‘quiet areas’, for example between a manufacturing/production area and a factory office, or simply as a noise barrier between a noisy machine and its operators.

Noise walls are often used for mining camp noise control. Effective noise control can be achieved simply by strategically placing a soundproof wall between the living quarters and the noise source, such as the mine camp power station.

Acoustic barriers are also very effective in minimising traffic noise or reducing noise from equipment such as refrigeration units or air-conditioners that may be disturbing your neighbours.

Noise walls are ideal for use in:

  • Factories
  • Mining camps
  • Power stations
  • Oil or gas operations
  • Equipment
  • Traffic noise reduction

How we manufacture superior quality acoustic walls

Depending on the application and sound control requirement, soundproof acoustic walls can be constructed from many different materials. Acoustic walls are constructed to absorb noise, reflect sound or attenuate it and keep it within the noise source surrounds, and can incorporate vision panels and access points as required.

Sonic System acoustic panel noise walls are constructed from a metal skin acoustic sandwich panel and can incorporate windows, doors, ventilation and other access needs.

Sonic Curtain acoustic flexible curtain noise walls are a great choice where flexibility or constant wall shifts or relocation is required. They are an excellent choice for mobile noise barriers on construction sites, drilling sites and earth works.

AcousTech is able to provide a complete range of noise walls constructed and installed to meet all your requirements. Contact AcousTech now to find out more.

Acoustic walls in convenient kit form, or fully installed

Once a solution has been chosen, AcousTech can quickly manufacture and supply custom made acoustic walls to suit your exact size and environment requirements. Noise control walls are available as a kit with easy installation instructions or alternatively AcousTech will arrange to install at your location.

Sonic System Acoustic Panel Specifications

  • Thickness: 75mm and other variants
  • Material: Compressed Fibre Cement and Polystyrene sandwich panel variants
  • Accessories: Various as required
  • Wind load testing: Yes
  • Weatherproof: Yes
  • Modular: Tongue and groove type
  • Colour: Dulux Grey Nurse, other colours available on request

How To Specify

Where allocated supply AcousTech Acoustic Industrial Noise Wall The wall shall have the following features: ______________________ Industrial Wall to have an acoustic rating of Rw_______ and Sound Transmission Loss per frequency band as below

Sound Transmission Loss (TL) (dB) 125, 250, 500, 1K, 2K, 4K

(website: phone: 1300 508 232 email: ) Fabricated and installed to manufactures specifications. Qty and sizes found on drawing numbers: _________

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