Soundproofing Panels / Acoustic Panels

Soundproofing panels are a critical component of all factories and workshops. AcousTech is Australia’s leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of modular soundproof acoustic panel systems.

Our modular soundproofing panels are ideal for creating complete acoustic enclosures or rooms, mobile screens, and dividing walls; or for treating walls for reverberation.

Soundproof acoustic panel systems make excellent:

  • Soundproof enclosures
  • Sound rooms
  • Engine test cells
  • Dyno booths
  • Transformer enclosures
  • Acoustic louvres
  • Acoustic doors
  • Silencers
  • Acoustic screens
  • Generator enclosures
  • Blower enclosures
  • Pump enclosures
  • Air compressor enclosures
  • Air conditioner enclosures
  • Attenuators
  • Splitters
  • Mobile acoustic panels
  • Acoustic dividing walls
  • Noise rooms

Features of AcousTech sonic panels

Soundproof panels are pre-fabricated and can be cut to suit your exact size requirements. They are in a modular tongue and groove style and install easily and economically. Large areas can be covered with modular soundproofing panels very quickly. The sound insulation panels are lightweight, easily handled, and can be used to create complete acoustic enclosures or rooms, mobile screens, dividing walls and even treatment of walls for reverberation.

AcousTech’s modular acoustic panel system is available in a pre-finished ‘off white’. Ideal for industrial soundproofing and portable soundproof walls, they are fireproof and will not support combustion.

Acoustic enclosures, acoustic rooms and soundproof walls are simply erected by sliding and clipping the Sonic System acoustic panels into steel capping profiles. Their versatility also allows for windows, doors and ventilation to be incorporated. As a modular ‘clip together’ system, soundproof panels are easily disassembled and moved in the event of a re-arrange or shift.

All of AcousTech’s Sonic System acoustic panels have NATA accredited test results for Noise Transmission Loss and Noise Absorption. There are several different style designs, thicknesses and acoustic performances available. Contact us now for more information.

Supply and installation of soundproof panels

Acoustic modular panels are available as straight panel supply, or AcousTech can custom-cut the modular acoustic panel to suit your exact requirements. AcousTech also provides a complete range of capping channels, flashings and fixings.

Sonic System Acoustic Panel Specifications

  • Thickness: 50mm, 100mm and other variants
  • Material: Perforated Steel, Rockwool, Steel Sheet sandwich panel variants
  • Accessories: Channels, flashings and furring’s
  • Panel finish: Corrosion resistant coating
  • Wind load testing: Yes
  • Weatherproof: Yes
  • Modular: Tongue and groove type
  • Colour: Dulux Grey Nurse, other colours available on request

How To Specify

Where allocated supply AcousTech Acoustic Panel type: ________ The panel shall have the following features: Be of pre-finished steel and rock wool _____mm Thick ‘sandwich panel’ construction. Dulux ‘grey nurse’ in colour. All external faces to be perforated steel of 37% FOA, random pitch and hole size Internal of panel to be an approved and tested acoustic rated Rockwool of 70kg per m3. Panels are treated with an anti-corrosive treatment of epoxy primer and paint. Sandwich panels to be caped in 2mm steel channel either finished in ‘galvabond’ or coated to customer colour choice. Sandwich panel to have an acoustic rating of Rw_______, NRC________ and Sound Transmission Loss per frequency band as per below

Sound Transmission Loss (TL) (dB) 125, 250, 500, 1K, 2K, 4K

(website: phone: 1300 508 232 email: ) Fabricated and installed to manufactures specifications. Qty and sizes found on drawing numbers: _________

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